KPTC is a Larg Corporation with a Great History of Achievements since 1962

It is Described today as an integrated World of Transportation services due to its huge Human Capabilities

Exploitation Technology for Public Transport Services

Harnessing Technology to Transport Service by Applying the latest Scientific Achievements in the field of Transport The Application of the Automated Reservation System for the Tickets on the Bus Company Positioning System to Determine the geographical GPRS Bus Routes

KPTC Omra Trips occupy a very Special Place in the Heart of its Passengers with an Experience Expanding over 24 Years.

with KPTC's Concern to Provide the Best Services to its Clients, The Company has worked Hard to Devolpe it fleet of Buses Regulary, Keeping in mind Providing Comfortable & Safe Transportation.

Enjoy our Scheduled Tours Service on Board of our Company's Ferryboats or Organize your own Privet Cruise to the most Fascinating islands

KPTC Omra Trips 2016

Learn more About omra Services and Schedules for Year 2016

MOI Towing Project

To inquire About the status of violation vehicle in Cooperation with the MOI Towing Project

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Welcome to KPTC

KPTC is a Larg corporation with a great History of Achievements since1962. It is Described today as an integrated world of transportation services due to its huge Human Capabilities, its large Transport fleet and its most Advanced equipment. That's why KPTC Always Provides the best public and private transportation services..

Under wise leadership and an experienced National management, the KPTC work Team comprises a sum total of 3,529 Persons including specialists in the Operational, administrative and financial systems. All of them are performing their duties through a Harmonic team characterized by a complete understanding between all members. This explains the Unprecedented quality of services provided by the KPTC team.